For Eva after...

Today my friend had to say goodbye to her Mum, Eva. Eva was an incredible lady, always there with wonderful words of wisdom and wit. It's only after we lose such incredible people that we are able to start seeing them as a whole person, as you are told stories which allow you to see and hear what they meant to everyone around them.
  1. Motherhood
    As a first time Mum I am marred by the fear of doing it all wrong. As I left Church today I wished to be more like Eva xx
  2. Patience is key x
    Whilst screams of "Mama" come, instead of screaming Whaaaaaaat?!!! In my head of course :) I will try to appreciate the fact that this funny lil lady actually wants to hang off of me and hold my hand. There will come a day where she won't want anything to do with me :)
  3. Partnership...
    My husband and I have been married for 11 years and have experienced ups and downs, but they have only ever brought us closer (eventually : ) Since our lil 2 year old arrived tiredness and frustrations have kicked in and the verve we always shared has been wavering. Eva, today you gave me the wake up that I needed. Effort is definately needed x
  4. Embrace your life and enjoy it everyday