1. When someone rejects you it's for good reasons that are none of your business.
    It's also shouldn't interest you very much.
  2. The way to seduce a woman is to make every step towards your bed seem like an innocent stroll.
    Seduction is a manipulation of onerous mores that shame women for being sexual beings. Only jerks seduce women and only confused women want to be seduced.
  3. Don't be good in bed.
    If you are "good in bed" it means it doesn't matter who you are in bed with.
  4. Sex is not sacred. Your body is not sacred.
    We are animals. Beautiful animals (to us). Ugly to all other animals. Wherever we go mass extinction follows. Yes even non developed non euro people. Sex is a part of how we decimate other species. Fucking awesome fucking and fucking awesome bodies, but there is nothing sacred about it. Making these things sacred is a way of controlling. Most every dickish thing I've ever done to a woman has been under cover of protecting the sanctity of body and sex. Mind is sacred but inseparable from body.
  5. We are animals. Beautiful animals.
  6. Hearts break the way worlds end: constantly, daily, mundanely.
    There is no Armageddon, no clear punctuation. We end beat by beat, whether you love or not. Your heart breaks until it can't break anymore. This is nobody's fault. Enjoy every second of it until your heart is gone.
  7. Jealousy is fun
    Be jealous of those who are prettier, luckier, richer and better than you. They deserve it more than you. Be jealous of those who will live longer than you and those who die more nobly. Never forget that the entire fucking world will go on once you are dead. Every single quark will be having your lunch and shagging your girl. Jealousy is the only appropriate metaphysical attitude.
  8. This is nobody's fault.
    The sooner you accept it the less likely you are to be a dick.
  9. There is no good reason to be kind.
    That's why kindness is heroic and beautiful.