1. I won't be at my smartest.
    If age brings wisdom, to quote Enrico Fermi, "where is everybody?" Plus, right before it stops functioning as a brain, a brain will be doing its worst braining.
  2. I'll probably be grumpy.
    Dying sucks.
  3. Death is not sacred.
    Being an atheist and a material realist, I don't believe that death is a threshold between realms, a place where deep truths might slip from heaven into the world. Death is a sad unfortunate thing that we need to solve, not fetishize.
  4. Better to say it now.
    I talk to my kids now. I don't keep secrets from them. They know me. I try to listen to and know them. So unless there's something they need me to know in the last few seconds of my life, or something they need to know I knew, oddly so fleetingly, then I'm fine with them not being there.