1. Bubblecheeks
    My aunts ex-husband. I'm guessing it started when I was a baby, but it lasted well into elementary school.
  2. Wild Man
    My soccer coach. I wasn't good or aggressive, just really loud and obnoxious.
  3. Brandon Billboard
    Some random dork in middle school
  4. Bran-ton: ton of bran cereal
    Same dork. Kid was a comedic genius, let me tell you...
  5. Ballard
    The good old boys I went to high school with
  6. B
    Assorted black friends over the years
  7. Brandonius
    My friend Luke in college
  8. Peckerwood
    My boss at Compass Bank. He seriously called me that more than my actual name.
  9. B. Love
    Personal Trainer at the YMCA where I worked.
  10. Weenus
    Allison Drake. I call her that too.
  11. Boober
    Helen Harris. I call her that too.
  12. Mister Brandon
    since 2002. Also, there have been a lot of interesting pronunciations.
  13. Mister Ballard
    A few teachers at Hall Kent who won't get with the program.
  14. My friend
    This one kid who cannot remember my name, so he always just says, "Hey, my friend!"
  15. Babe. Sweetheart. Sweetie.
    Brooke (I won't put the things she calls me when she's angry.)
  16. Brando Calrissian
    The Stalcup boys
  17. Kit Kat
    I'm not explaining this one.