🇩🇰 Danish words I learned entirely by hearing

Spelled phonetically (Apologies to native speakers!). I'm going to Denmark (& Sweden & Norway) later this year, so though I know the locals speak English, I'm compiling a list of words I picked up from Danish TV.
  1. Sket
    Seems to indicate a term of endearment, like "sweety". Actual spelling: Skat.
  2. Kaffe
    Coffee!!! ☕️ I'm right on the spelling ✌🏼️😊.
  3. Karsten
    Boyfriend or girlfriend. Actual spelling: Kæreste.
  4. On schkool
    I'm sorry or excuse me. Actual spelling: Undskyld.
  5. Yay elske dey
    I love you. Actual spelling: Jeg elsker dig.
  6. Hai or hai hai
    "Hi" seems to be used for "hi", as in English, but when saying "bye", Danes seem say, "hai hai". Actual spelling: Hej hej
  7. Alin
    Alone. Actual spelling: Alene.
  8. Penge
    Money! I'm actually correct on the spelling.
  9. Ye, nai.
    Yes, no. Actually spelling: Ja, nej.
  10. Precis
    I suppose it means precise, but used when someone agrees with another person? Actual spelling: Præcis.
  11. Skol!
    Toast or cheers. Actual spelling: Skål!
  12. Tak!
  13. Vair felig
    Please. Actual spelling: Vær venlig.
  14. Goud
    Good. Actual spelling: God.
  15. Fe helven
    Usually when someone is angry? Like, maybe what the hell?! Actual spelling: Hvad helvede.
  16. Fe fen
    Also used when someone is angry. I'm gonna guess for fuck's sake? Actual spelling: For fanden skyld.
  17. Intet
    Nothing. This is spelled correctly!
  18. Ingen
    Arya Stark's new name: No one.
  19. Min moa
    My mother. Actual spelling: Min mor.
  20. Min faa
    My father. Actual spelling: Min far.
  21. Min brur
    My brother. Actual spelling: Min bror.
  22. Min soister
    My sister. Actual spelling: Min søster.
  23. Kolega
    Colleague. Actual spelling: Kollega.
  24. Piik
    Girl. Actual spelling: Pige.
  25. Dreng - boy
    Suggested by   @DanielaM
  26. Peti
    Party. Actual spelling: Parti.
  27. Blood
    Blood. Actual spelling: Blod.
  28. Hjælp (yelp) - help
    Suggested by   @DanielaM
  29. Yeik tayla ika dansk.
    Apparently, I don't speak Danish! (I looked this one up) 😁. Actual spelling: Jeg taler ikke dansk.