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The holidays are right around the corner so might as well open up the heart valves again.
  1. First Wives Club
    Because you need to reinforce the sad but true stereotypes about being a starter wife. Or just read Elon Musk's former wife's article in Marie Claire. Basically you need to feel okay that you might hate love for a while.
  2. When Harry Met Sally
    A pragmatic approach to love curated by the ultimate writer on the subject - Nora Ephron. Grab a glass of wine, or the whole bottle, and feel a lump in your throat slowly grow as the movie proceeds.
  3. Kate and Leopold
    You've already endeared yourself to Meg Ryan's appeal as America's sweetheart so let those feelings grow into this underrated little number. And remind yourself about the perils of believing in fairy tales, but also the magic of lust.
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Since the metro line is a relatively new contraption, there are enthusiastic announcements at every stop that make me want to 🙄🔫.
  1. Why do we need a damn paragraph of an introduction for every stop?
  2. When will the announcements stop being so boisterous?
  3. Why can I still hear the announcements even though I have my music on top volume?
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