Since the metro line is a relatively new contraption, there are enthusiastic announcements at every stop that make me want to 🙄🔫.
  1. Why do we need a damn paragraph of an introduction for every stop?
  2. When will the announcements stop being so boisterous?
  3. Why can I still hear the announcements even though I have my music on top volume?
  4. You shouldn't have worn that.
  5. How come you don't have an iPhone in your hand? Highly suspect behavior.
  6. Said non-iPhone holder looks strangely content and happy - almost in meditative state.
  7. Maybe I should get off my iPhone and start meditating.
  8. Why is everyone so big on meditation in LA?
  9. I need a juice.
  10. K,bye.
  11. (Oh shit - meditation man just pulled out his iPhone and is now living his best life.)