Jacob remembers a few of the amazing moments he's had while working with us at EMP.
  1. 2000 - Giving a tour to Sonic Youth
    Sonic youth
    It was Kim, Thurston, their daughter Coco, Lee, and Jim O’Rourke. I gave them a tour of On Stage and Thurston Moore said that the only thing that would be better was if it spit on you when you were playing. And then we went to the Sit ‘n Spin for lunch. It was just so weirdly normal.
  2. 2003 - Curating my first solo exhibition: Paper Scissors ROCK: 25 Years of Punk Poster Design
    Psr gallery 153856
    ... and using the muzak grunge album Grunge Lite as the gallery soundtrack.
  3. 2003 - Nervously cold-emailing Greg Bear and Neal Stephenson
    Sfm gallery 1 7
    ... to see if they might be willing to chat with us about an idea we were exploring about a Science Fiction Museum. And them saying yes!
  4. 2005 - Oral History interview with Public Enemy producer Hank Shocklee
    Hank shocklee
    One of the coolest interviews I’ve ever done. Such a thoughtful, insightful, creative person.
  5. 2006 - Escorting Captain Kirk’s command chair
    Icons of sci fi artifacts command chair 0013
    ... down to L.A., so that William Shatner could sit in it for his roast on Comedy Central.
  6. 2007 - Giving a tour to Buzz Aldrin
    He's been on THE MOON!
  7. 2007 – Having drinks with Wil Wheaton & Eugene Roddenberry
    ... at the Courtyard Marriott bar after the Science Fiction Hall of Fame induction ceremony and nerding out about music, D&D, and video games.
  8. 2009 - Pulling down box after box of Nirvana material from Krist Novoselic’s attic!
    Nirvana opening 11
    I kept asking Krist, “Can I borrow this? Can I borrow this?” The Nirvana exhibition changed radically that day based on all the artifacts Krist let us borrow. It was one of those perfect curator moments.
  9. 2011 - Interviewing John Landis for 4.5 hours
    Cla opening 9217
    (the longest interview I’ve ever done) for Can’t Look Away: The Lure of Horror Film. The crew was exhausted. I was exhausted. John was not.
  10. 2012 - Buying Nirvana’s very first demo tape
    2011 23 1 a front
    ... from Steve Turner of Mudhoney. It was labeled “Kurt Kovain and Dale Crover.” Recording engineer Jack Endino knew who Dale Crover was because he was in the Melvins, but hadn’t met Kurt before, and misspelled his name on the cassette label. This was one of two cassettes given to Jon Poneman and Bruce Pavitt at Sub Pop, alerting them to the promise of Nirvana.
  11. 2013 - Getting a call from EMP ticketing that Dave Grohl and his family just bought tickets
    Dave grohl and jacob mcmurray 0160
    I went over to the museum and finally found him in the Fantasy exhibit. He said that he had told his daughters that they were going to see an exhibition about Daddy. He was really psyched about the Nirvana exhibition, but his young daughters were like, “Dad, this is boring,” and so they went to Fantasy: Worlds of Myth & Magic instead. HA!
  12. 2014 - Watching the awesome Nidhogg tournament finals
    Igr launch party 8507
    ... on the Sky Church screen during our Indie Game Revolution opening, and then feeling really bad for Nidhogg developer Mark Essen when he got schooled.
  13. 2015 - Traveling to Brazil to install Hear My Train A Comin’: Hendrix Hits London
    Hear my train sao paolo 133959
    ... and seeing how crazy Brazilian music fans are for Jimi Hendrix.