In honor of Hello! Exploring the Supercute World of Hello Kitty opening at EMP 11/14, we wanted to share a list of fun facts about the Sanrio superstar.
  1. Hello Kitty was introduced in Japan in 1974
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    She made her debut in America in 1976! Since her debut on a coin purse, Hello Kitty has developed into one of the most unique & identifiable brands of our time.
  2. Hello Kitty's official name is Kitty White.
    While Hello Kitty is not considered a cat in the traditional sense, she is many things--a little girl, an icon, a superstar, and ultimately a friend.
  3. Hello Kitty is as tall as 5 apples
    She also weighs the same as 3 apples!
  4. Hello Kitty has a pet cat
    Hello Kitty's pet is named Charmmy Kitty; he was given to her by her papa. Charmmy Kitty has a pet hamster named Sugar.
  5. Hello Kitty has a twin sister, Mimmy
    You can tell these identical two sisters apart by the placement of their bows: Hello Kitty's rests over her left ear, Mimmy's rests over her right ear.
  6. Hello Kitty's favorite food is Mama's apple pie
    Her bow was also a gift from her mama, and she likes to collect small, cute things, ribbons, and hair accessories.
  7. Hello Kitty's hobbies include ...
    ... traveling, music, reading; eating yummy cookies (baked by sister Mimmy) and making new friends.
  8. Hello Kitty says:
    "You can never have too many friends!" -- "Say hello to me when you see me!" and "Look at my red bow!"