Have fun. Stay Single.

ALL THE FUN CAMEOS in Cameron Crowe's 1992 film "Singles"
  1. Chris Cornell
    So. Much. Hair.
  2. Tad Doyle
    "I think you've got the wrong number lady, but I'll be right over."
  3. Eddie Vedder, Jeff Ament & Stone Gossard
    Citizen Dick FOREVS!
  4. Tim Burton
    aka, "the next Martin ScorSEEZ"
  5. Jeremy Piven
    "You have GOT to come! Of course ... you may be busy."
  6. Tom Skerritt
    Killing the Super Train dream!
  7. Bill Pullman
    Most adorable plastic surgeon EVER
  8. Eric Stoltz
    "I'll tell you about love - love DISAPPEARS, baby!"
  9. Paul Giamatti
  10. Peter Horton
    Sold to Pammy for $80 + dishes for a month
  11. Victor Garber
    "I LOVE those earrings."
  12. Director Cameron Crowe
    "Any comments on the Seattle Sound and Citizen's Dick place in it?"