OH at the EMP Offices in Prep of Our Star Trek Exhibit

Various exclamations heard at the office related to Star Trek: Exploring New Worlds (opens May 21).
  1. "Exactly how many fist fights did Kirk get into?"
  2. "We need a source for cheap Tribbles."
  3. "QAPLA'!"
  4. “Ok, I’ll be Spock; you be Uhura.”
  5. “Can you get more Spock ears?”
  6. “Just how pale IS Benedict Cumberbatch?!”
  7. "If you list 'CumberKhan,' you have to list 'Montalkhan' too."
  8. “What are all those gold bowling balls for?”
    {A: Horta eggs!}
  9. “I’m looking for a box with three heads in it; one has Vulcan ears.”