Every year we're intrigued by the titles for presentations at Pop Conference {April 20-23}. Here's a list of some of our faves for 2017.
  1. “What I Learned in Jail” by Tim Quirk
  2. “All My Life Is Just Despair: Torch Songs, Fallen Women, and the Politics of Degradation” by Jody Rosen
  3. “‘I Saw Couples Injecting Reefers’—or Why The UFO Club Was Closed Down” by Malcom Boyle
  4. “November Spawned a Monster: Why Morrissey's Tangible Acknowledgment of Disability Culture Remains so Radical” by Annie Zaleski
  5. “Lament for the Death of My Cock: Jim Morrison as Phallic Disruptor” by Ann Powers
  6. “I Disapprove of What You're Singing About, but I Will Defend My Right to Enjoy It Anyway: The Politics of Listening to Musicians Whose Politics You Find Objectionable” by Whitney Jones
  7. “Soft Rock Masculinities: or, Moving Beyond Soft Cock Rock" by Emily Gale
  8. “Shit F*ck Satan Death Sex Drugs Rape: Hard Rockers' Anti-PMRC Broadsides And The Politics Lurking Beneath” by Maura Johnston
  9. “Brexit, Sleaford Mods and Slow Death of a Sixties Dream” by Hazel Sheffield
  10. “‘They Might Feel Different’: The Lingering Political Legacy of Billy Joel’s ‘Allentown’” by Sarah Messabauer
  11. “(Anti-)Fascism Into Feminism” by Jenn Pelly
  12. “The Indigo Girls and the Politics of Lesbian Sentimentality” by Karen Tongson