Whovians of all ages joined us for our second annual Doctor Wholidays celebration on Sunday, December 6! Here are some of our favorite moments from the night.
  1. Wholidays Kids Costume Parade
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    So many cute little Doctors, Companions, TARDIS and more paraded across our stage to show off their costumes. ❤️
  2. Sky Shark attack!
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    A Sky Shark escaped our clip from A Christmas Carol and flew across the stage! Luckily enough had a Doctor on hand to help vanquish it.
  3. 12 off!
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    Two Twelfth Doctors made our costume contest finalist round for "Best New Doctor" -- a "12 off" followed in order to determine who the winner was. So fun!
  4. The Winston Churchill boogie
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    During the judges' deliberation for Most Creative costume, Churchill busted out some expert moves.
  5. Dalek Conga line
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    We were suspicious about this at first, but it appears that this Dalek was more interested in partying than exterminating!