9 Movies That Stop My Channel Surfing

I know, 9? Why not ten? I just couldn't come up with one more.
  1. JAWS- I just can't not watch this movie. I have probably seen it over a hundred times but not from beginning to end all at once. Favorite scene-scar wars.
  2. Young Frankenstein-One of my favorite movies. Great cast, black and white, awesome sets, Mel Brooks...what else could you want. Favorite scene-Putting on the Riiiiiii.
  3. Steel Magnolias-Great cast! Covers the whole spectrum of emotions. If you don't cry somewhere in this movie you are made of stone. Favorite scene-Take a whack at Wheezer of course.
  4. Fried Green Tomatoes-More Southern women shenanigans but also very pro women. Another fabulous cast with that gem Jessica Tandy. Favorite scene-That was my parking space.
  5. Sixteen Candles-I don't think this needs any explanation. Favorite scene- Any one with the pesky grandparents.
  6. Breakfast Club-Again John Hughes, no explanation needed. Favorite scene-The end when they play my favorite song.
  7. Hope Floats-I was traveling with a friend and telling her that I think Hope Floats is on everyday, all day long somewhere in the world. We got to our hotel room, I turned on the television, changed a couple of channels and there it was. She now thinks every thing I say is a fact. Favorite scene-Bernice trying to leave with her father.
  8. Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory-What can I say, terrorizing brats is right up my alley. The scariest thing in the movie to me is all the grandparents sleeping in the same bed. Favorite scene-Veruca and the geese.
  9. Parenthood-Unfortunately I don't see this one as much as I used to. One of Steve Martin's best but everyone in it is fantastic. It's like someone was following your family around and put it on film. Favorite scene-Kevin and the tower.