These people are awesome. You probably are, too. If you're growing your own kitchen garden, or supporting your local makers and farmers, say this loud and proud: #iamamodernfarmer!
  1. Julie Johnston, Helen's Farm
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    Lopez Island, Washington
  2. Susan Paykin, Common Ground
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    Beacon, New York
  3. John Ross, Ross Orchards
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    Clark's Fork Valley, Montana
  4. Molly Myerson, Little Wing Farm
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    Petaluma, California
  5. Emigdio Ballon, Tesuque Agricultural Initiative
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    Tesuque, New Mexico
  6. Alicia Adams, Alamilo Farm
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    Stanfordville, New York
  7. Joseph Fields, Joseph Field Farms
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    John Island, South Carolina
  8. Orin Hardy (with Maria Farrugia and Made Gojing), The Kul-Kul Farm
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    Sibang, Bali
  9. Jamila Norman, Patchwork City Farms
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    Atlanta, Georgia
  10. Jess Piskor, Bare Knuckle Farm
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    Northport, Michigan