An alpaca is not a llama and a llama is not an alpaca. (More #alpacaweek fun at
  1. Their ears. Alpaca ears are smaller and more spear-shaped.
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  2. Their size. Alpacas are a lean 150 pounds on average. Llamas can weigh in at as much as 400 pounds.
  3. Their faces. Llamas have a longer face. Alpacas' are more smooshed in.
  4. Their purpose. Alpacas are bred for fiber, while llamas are more for meat.
  5. Their hair. The alpaca has a much finer fiber than a llama, and also produces far more fleece.
  6. Their dispositions. Alpacas are herd animals and very skittish. Llamas are more independent and can be stubborn.