1. I'm an avid reader.
    I spend a ridiculous (by ridiculous I mean ridiculously amazing) amount of time with my nose in a book. Ask me about one or all of the 10 titles I enjoyed this past summer.
  2. I'm also an avid writer.
    I have found that I tend to speak better through words on paper than word of mouth. Expect me to write you a note at some point.
  3. I have had Anxiety Disorder since I was 10.
    I used to be so ashamed of it, but I've learned how to be strong because of it. I'm open about it now, so feel free to talk to me.
  4. My dogs are my best friends.
    Boo and Oliver are the lights of life, nothing else needs to be said.
  5. I have an Eiffel Tower made of freckles on my left arm.
    I just think this is cool.
  6. My newspaper family is one of few reasons I love school.
    Thank you Mo, Anj, Gav, Mike, Annes, and J Born
  7. I do not like to tell people what is wrong.
    And please do not ask me if I am "okay." If I'm not at the moment, I will be.
  8. I enjoy challenging my own perspectives.
    The most beneficial thing you can do for yourself is broaden your horizons, change your perception on given topics–form opinions that are yours and only yours.
  9. Contrary to my frail stature, I am passionate about working out.
    You're only given one body, treat it as your temple.
  10. My favorite color is all of them...
    Yes, I'm serious.