I Am Thankful for Alot of Things and Here Are Some of Them

  1. My beautiful family is all together and my beautiful daughter michelle even brought her roommate so we have a "full house" ha ha ha!!! Terrible news about John stamose! That is not something I am thankful for
  2. Being home after being kidnapped is such a good feeling and I got a brand new Range Rover!!!! I think it's pretty groovy and has Sirius radio so I can listen to The Message whenever I want.
  3. Wine
  4. All of @mindy Kaling's lists! You are so funny!!!!! I missed reading all your funny words when I was tied up but I got caught up when I was driving home to my family don't worry though I read them at red lights ha ha ha!!!!
  5. Happy thanksgiving to my friends and family and to everyone on this application who has been helpful and supportive of my wonderful husband and even to those prisoners who welcomed him into their family I hope you get a turkey meal in jail ha ha ha!! But really I do.