1. your family comes first
    over everything!!!!!
  2. keep God at the center of your family
  3. happy wife, happy life
    you can say that again! ha ha ha!!!!
  4. there aren't enoug books in the world to help you get through your kid's teenage years but just know that they will grow out of it and that everything will be aokay
    a stiff drink during that time doesnt hurt either. just kidding!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. don't let anyone tell you how to parent
    no one knows your kid's better than you do so don't listen to anyone else because you know your family better than anyone and you have to live with the decisions you make so make them yourself!
  6. don't ever yell
    guilty I have to admit. But yelling is bad.
  7. no amount of money can buy your kid's love
    just spend alot of time with them as much as you can and they will know you love them.