1. I was a volunteer youth pastor
    When my kids were young enough and now I see all their friends and they still say hello and know who I am. I don't even know the last time I went to wall mart and wasn't recognized!!
  2. Award winning cookie baker
    Every year the pta had a bake sale to raise funds for all sorts of things and guess who made he best cookies? You guessed it!!! My snicker doodles are the best
  3. Volunteer coffee maker
    Our town has an adorable mom and pop run coffee shop (not by me and my husband) but I am very close with the owner's parents so whenever I am there and they are busy which is a lot because there is not Starbucks in our home town I always volunteer to help. All the regulars know me and try to tip but I insist the pleasure is all mine!!!!
  4. I played myself in a movie my son made
    Well a fictionalization version of myself because I would NEVER say the mean things he made me say. But that's called acting! Ha ha ha!!!! We invited some friends over to watch the movie in our living room and everyone said I was really good and scary!