1. Weather.com
    My feet are cold. How cold is it? 52 degrees.
  2. Gmail
    I don't use bookmarks.
  3. Rajon Rando looks like Franklin the turtle
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    I don't know Rajon Rando but it was suggested that I look into this. Personally, I don't see the resemblance
  4. How to cut a watermelon like a boss
  5. BJ Novak
    To gain knowledge
  6. Define crafty
  7. Kayak flights to Denver
    Because why not
  8. Leno weave
    If you need to google this add "fabric" at the end to help narrow your search because people care more about their hair than their fabric structures
  9. Things to do in Chicago
    For next weekends festivities
  10. How to keep a one year old alive
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    For babysitting purposes.