Are you a millennial? Are you on your phone right now? Do you want to market yourself? Well have I got a list for you!
  1. Use that phone to your advantage
    We all know millennials love our phones (I didn't get yelled at for it by an 85 year old woman in a Hampton Inn for no reason) so use that puppy for self marketing gold.
  2. You've gotta know who you are
    Are you the funny one? Smart one? Meme queen? Figure out your destiny and run with it
  3. Add a trending hashtag, even if it has no relevance to what you are saying
    Example: I just made my mom's famous potato salad #TheBachelorette #FatAxl #lampshade #YOLO
  4. Out of good ideas? Hit them with that retweet.
    You may not be that funny, but you know people who are funny. This, in turn, makes you funny
  5. Use a diverse set of social platforms
    You get vastly different fanbases with different social media outlets. Looking to market to parents? Facebook. Wanting to say random things quickly? Twitter. Want to fall down a rabbit hole of fandoms? Tumblr. You name it, it exists
  6. Drop the most fire mix tape of all time
    Nuff said
  7. Remember, whatever you put out there to market yourself with, people will find.
    Just trust me on this one