Things to do with this app that I just downloaded

  1. Start my list (because that's what the phantom person living in my screen told me to do)
  2. Look around my room for witty inspiration
  3. Stare at my phone
  4. Look at room again, then realize everything is too dark because it's bed time
  5. Think of other lists that I could potentially make with this app
  6. Realize I truly have no idea what I'm doing
  7. Add a gif for no aparant reason except the fact that I just saw I could
  8. Realize how witty I just was because because Courtney Cox, who is in the gif above, is playing her character on Friends, who is named Monica, which is also my name
  9. Realize I need to go to bed because I have work tomorrow
  10. Decide to leave all of my 0 followers with a photo of Rebecca Wheeler because she had me get this app, and I know it will probably consume most of my time now. Goodnight world 😘