Because "Bucket List" is for lames.
  1. Travel to rainforest in Peru.
    Take ayahuasca journey with help & guidance of legit shaman (or shawoman?)
  2. See Northern Lights in Alaska. Preferably after enjoying an edible.
    Denmark, Scotland, Greenland or Iceland are also acceptable.
  3. Sleeve tattoo for right arm and leg.
    Nature, animals, Sacred Geometry, elements of outer space, religious & mythological imagery, etc. Arm is already almost finished. So I guess you could say I'm pre-tty cool.
  4. Master's Degree.
    Writing, technology & The Arts. I'll find my way. Scholarships & grants welcome.
  5. Become a Certified Cicerone.
    That's level 2. Such intense. Very bragging rights. Craft beer excellence.