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Chances are, if I've read a book more than once I've read it several times. There's something so cool about revisiting favorite characters and scenes.
  1. Little House on the Prairie: These Happy Golden Years
    I read the whole series so many times the library made me stop checking them out. I especially loved this book because Laura meets Almonzo for the first time and he saves everyone from starvation in the winter. I should really read this again.
  2. The Phantom Tollbooth by Norton Juster
    I've read this more times than I can count and I always find something new. Such a lovely, lively, playful story. I even went to hear Norton Juster talk once and he was just as awesome as you'd think. This book really stoked my love of wordplay. I want to read it right now!
  3. A Walk in the Woods
    Bill Bryson is hysterical. But he also has some pretty great deep thoughts and he makes me feel better about my outdoor skills. Haven't seen the movie, don't really want to. I definitely need to read this again soon.
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We're all guilty. Yes, yes we've seen it a million times. We'll just watch this scene, it's so good. And the next part, that's our favorite line. Oh wasn't there something we had to do today? Oh well. Are any of these on right now?
  1. The Shawshank Redemption
    Morgan Freeman's amazing narration, an epic score, wrongful accusations, revenge, and redemption, this movie has it all!
  2. True Lies
    Duh....Arnold. One of the best chase scenes ever plus it involves a horse, and Jaime Lee Curtis at her finest. Also my favorite Bill Paxton role. Jump, Dana!
  3. The Sound of Music
    Julie Andrews, I'll watch you melt the Baron's heart and tame those ruffians children until I'm old and gray and then I'll force my grandchildren to watch it.
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