What Tuula's Thinking...

  1. Does my nose look big in this tree?
  2. I'm not talking to you.
  3. Feel the bern!
  4. Can I haz some of that
  5. You can't say no to my cute face, just give it to me.
  6. Mommm, I think I killed my baby. Make it talk. Pleeeease!
  7. This sucks!
  8. I told you I'm not fat!
  9. Can we just have one night without the fucking camera?
  10. Ugh! Migraine.
  11. Don't put that "massager" near me.
  12. Chipmunks.
  13. It's good to be home.
  14. Don't you know how to knock?
  15. What dog? I don't see a dog.