I love television. I can't help it. And television is stupid good right now. I love to tape things and watch them while I fold the laundry (perfect excuse for watching television). Here's what I'm watching these days:
  1. Fargo, Season 2
    Loved the movie. Never saw the first season (you don't have to see it) but I am loving this one. Why? Tons of reasons. The costumes. (Who says a show that takes place in 1979 isn't a period piece). The cast. The storyline. The characters. (Favorite character: Mike Milligan. I might watch just to him to be on screen.) The dialog, i.e., Agree shampoo use discussion. THE ACCENTS. I love the accents. Okay then!!!
  2. American Horror Story: Hotel
    So scary this season. Loving it. Lady Gaga is perfect. I really didn't know what to expect. Matt Bomer is too perfect looking. I cannot stop looking at him. Sarah Paulson never ceases to amaze. But once again, the true star of the show is the set. Beautiful!!
  3. Scream Queens, Season 1
    It is so funny and stupid. I can't stop watching. Tongue in check cleverness with a Who Done It twist. Who are the Red Devils and do we really even care. It probably won't even make sense when they do reveal who it is. Completely fun stuff.
  4. The Americans, Season 1
    Watched the Pilot the other day on Netflix and I cannot wait to watch more. First, I love Keri Russell. Second, the fist chase scene use Tusk as its background music. Third, first scene. Fourth, I like that guy. Who knew?
  5. The Knick, Season 2
    I was addicted to Season 1. A little disappointed in the sophomore season. I keep falling asleep and can't get through episode 2. This might get tossed off the DVR.
  6. Saturday Night Live, Season 41
  7. Life in Pieces, Season 1
    Best new sitcom. Makes me laugh out loud. Scares me that I think that James Brolin is hot. What the hell has happened to me? I also like that guy who was on Newsroom.
  8. CBS Sunday Morning
    I love watching it on Sunday morning with my coffee, my husband and my dogs. But if I miss it, it's awesome without commercials.
  9. iZombie, Season 2
    What a hidden little gem. It's fun and clever. It's like watching a light-hearted Orphan Black with zombies as every week Liv Moore takes on a new personality. Major Lillywhite is Matthew Morrison-adorable. It gets better and better.
  10. Scandal, season 5
    I do not know why I am still watching this. Maybe it's for the last three minutes of Grey's Anatomy that gets taped at the beginning. I don't know. I really cannot stand it anymore. The premise is absolutely ridiculous. It's like a Costco double chocolate cake to me. Wasteful, not smart, can't stop.
  11. Homeland, Season 5
    I probably would not watch it anymore if it wasn't for my husband. It's one of those Date Shows. It feels like it has jumped the shark but I'm not sure how or when. Then again, it might be getting better.
  12. The Walking Dead, Season 6
    I haven't started it yet. But the episodes are adding up on my DVR. I like to binge this show, so I will have to wait a few more weeks to start. Can't wait. Hope it's good.
  13. Heroes Reborn, Season 1
    Should I or shouldn't I? Another Date Show, maybe.