An introductory list
  1. Cade: Welsh origins meaning "the spirit of battle", or Germanic origins for "round or rotund". Both are fitting...
  2. Walker: English origins meaning "a fuller of cloth". Whatever the hell that means
  3. I struggle to keep plants alive. I try, but they constantly die on me. I've even killed fake flowers.
  4. I'm a policy analyst for the state of Washington. And that's about as far as my career explanation gets before it puts someone to sleep.
  5. I believe my adopted hometown of Olympia is one of the most underrated cities in America.
  6. American cheese is underrated as well.
  7. I am scared of people dressed as animals.
  8. My face has been sewn back together numerous times, with over 500 stitches over my lifetime.
  9. I've not met a scoop of ice cream that I wouldn't eat.
  10. I like people. However, I'm perfectly fine being completely isolated for extended periods of time.
  11. Sometimes I think that I should get rid of my baby toes. My feet might look better with just four toes each.