1. 2:28PM - turn phone over and see if any missed calls or voicemails. Nothing on the screen, just the time. 2:28...
  2. 2:29PM - check Gmail account for new messages. See that last update was 7 minutes ago. Find no new emails.
  3. 2:29PM - check "All Mail" for Gmail. Notice that last update was also 7 minutes ago. No new emails.
  4. 2:30PM - check junk emails in Gmail. Just in case the email is from a different person than before. One can never be too careful. Find only Camster, ICD-10, and VoteforTrump emails (someone thinks they are very funny by signing me up for garbage emails...)
  5. 2:30PM - check wifi connection to make sure data is flowing. Instagram - working, li.st - working too.
  6. 2:31PM - deep breathe, try to focus on the job I have. Flick computer mouse because the screen saver has started to come up and I don't want to enter my obnoxiously complex password. Turn phone over to hide the screen.
  7. 2:38PM - rinse and repeat.