Not necessarily my "favorite" books, although multiple readings usually does make a strong case, eh?
  1. The Great Gatsby / F.S. Fitzgerald
    (6? Full readings, several more partial)
  2. Blue Highways / Wm Least Heat-Moon
    Best travel book ever
  3. Sophie's Choice / William Styron
    Love the film, and as usual, love the book times 10.
  4. Charlie and the Chocolate Factory / Roald Dahl
    Magic, as you know (unless you weren't ever a kid)
  5. Dubliners / James Joyce
    Near-perfect collection of short stories that don't require a masters-level course to decipher (ala Joyce's novels).
  6. Darkness Visible / William Styron
    A powerful look at Depression.
  7. On the Road / Jack Kerouac
    A must. One-of-a-kind.
  8. East of Eden / John Steinbeck
    Epic and American.
  9. Invisible Man / Ralph Ellison
    Another must read, doubly so if you are "white."
  10. The Basil & Josephine Stories / FS Fitzgerald
    A not-great series of Fitzgerald short stories (though many of his were great) that were the subject of my thesis.