5 Reasons Canada Is The Best

There are many reasons why I think that Canada is great and which help rationalize my gratitude for living here, let along the plethora of positive feedback we receive from those around the world who feel the same way about our homeland. Here's just a snapshot of what makes me happy to celebrate July 1. Happy Canada Day!
  1. The People
    The legend of Canadians being the friendliest is one that isn't just folklore. Although some of the examples tend to exacerbate the point, there is certainly truth to the longstanding presumption.
  2. The Sports
    Although mostly known for our hockey skills, players, and rinks, we are fortunate to have the resources and venues readily available to us to take part in a variety of athletics across this land.
  3. The Communities
    If you think that there is a lack of culture in Canada, visit the heart of any town, city, or community to quickly realize that Canadian culture is not only present, it's vibrant.
  4. The Seasons
    Sure, we're known for our winters (and not for great reasons). But where else in the world can you experience the peak of every season, the beauty they all encompass, beyond in Canada?
  5. The Landscapes
    From the mountains in British Columbia, to the skylines in Toronto, to the ocean views in Nova Scotia, the visuals across this country are beautifully unparalleled.