Got this new phone

So I took some pictures of my dogs
  1. I call it "Good girl"
    In this piece I wanted a lot of noise and contrast. Cali's (pictured) natural black and white contras ting coat + the deeper maroon and grey title pieces make for a very bright photo that really pops right off the screen. Not to mention my cali girl is gonna go bye bye in the car!! Wanna go bye bye in the car? Good girl!!
  2. I call it "Sleepy Boy"
    What I did here was I wanted to covey a melancholy tone without losing sight of the serine calmness of Muggsy's (pictured) absolute cute nose!! Good boy so sleepy!!!
  3. I call it "Dumb Girl"
    In essence, I captured the perfect nonchalant moment of this dogs life. Mouth agape, tongue panting, eyes half open, a real dogs dog. The way the sun hit her was just perfect for the kind of exposure I was really looking for. Now gimmie da ball! Oh dank you, now go get it!!' Good girl get da bally!!!
  4. I call it "Handsome Pup"
    A true portrait. I really wanted hard focus on the center of his face. I wanted his jowls to sag, I wanted his eyes to pop, I wanted his wet nose to come though the front of the lens. After this picture was taken I pet him on the stomach area to thank him for this patience. You like belly rubs boy?? Oh who's a good boy!! Oh yes big good boy yes oh yes!!!
  5. Lastly, I call it "Mubbo"
    My masterpiece. Last but certainly not least. Such a good boy.