My favorite things to do at DisneyLand/California Adventure

They mostly involve overpriced food
  1. Eat a corn dog
    Disney land corn dogs are 10 lbs of deliciousness
  2. Take a picture of the castle
    Mainly to bring with me to DisneyWorld so I can laugh at how small it is.
  3. Drink some orange soda
    It's probably Sunkist, but boy is it refreshing!
  4. Soarin' over California
    A ride where you literally have to sit and look at a screen? Sure! Nice smells too!
  5. Find lemonade, drink it.
    Frozen or otherwise, I gotta have my lemonade!
  6. Thunder Mountain.
    The only ride where my childish antics are welcomed as I usually pretend to be a cowboy shooting out TNT
  7. Find a shady area to sit and people watch
    You'd be surprised at how ridiculous some of the people who shuffle around Disney are
  8. Mess with Oswald
    Oswald is a poor mans Mickey Mouse, so it's fun to mess with his feeble rabbit mind.
  9. Hit up Schmoozies
    Granny Smith Apple flavored Golden Icicle Lemonade is my favorite thing on earth.
  10. Indiana Jones
    It's good to pretend to be Harrison Ford every no and again.
  11. The Lucky Fortune Cookery for dinner
    Me love some Asian cuisine!
  12. Fireworks!
    The best in the world!
  13. Leaving
    My favorite thing to do at Disney is to leave it!