Non-sexual fantasies

  1. Swimming in a pool of sour apple flavored water
    As long as it's not sticky
  2. Interview Rod Serling
    The twilight zone guy
  3. Work with a fashion designer to design the perfect shirt
  4. Hug a grizzly bear
    One that is less likely to fucking kill me
  5. Go for a drive in an 18-wheeler truck
    On an open road.
  6. Wrestle a match with Randy Savage
    I'll work the whole match as a jobber I don't care. He can squash me in 3 minutes as long as I can take the elbow
  7. Have a droid that's designed after me show up in Empire and replace Palpatine as the emperor
    Self explanatory
  8. Sex with Scarlet Johansen
    Can't help myself.