Inspired @Bourdain random shit
  1. Haircut
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    I like this haircut I got from my new barber. RefugeRVA represent
  2. Dank meme
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    Dank meme of minions which I fucking despise but I like this one cause it's funny get w the millennial, one of the things I enjoy from this generation so far
  3. Rva sunset
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    I fuxk w rva city sunsets. It was during my community engaged biking class where we learned a lot about biking in rva and the history, what community is doing to making biking better here. Everyone who was in the class was super dope and realll
  4. Struggles of a college student
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    I was late to a squad eat up and I was not allowed to come
  5. Backwoodzzz
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    First time rolling w a backwoods and I love it. Took me 10 mins to roll it tho but it had a weird taste that I liked. Also bud was fleek.