The weirdest stuff I can find in my spam mail

  1. Quitting my job after this
  2. For my burgeoning business. And my excessive home landline needs
  3. I'm hoping my yacht rental agreement allows for installations of my VOIP service. Need them open ocean-land lines.
  4. For the record, my name's not Shirley. Though I am interested in this sandwich debuting across Aminifixica.
  5. Why are people starving in America? Just open an email account.
  6. I mean it. Go to the library make an email account. And spam email will feed you!
  7. No thanks I have enough anxiety.
  8. I'm actually going to his show at the Paramount in NY 2 days later. One step ahead of ya SPAM!
  9. Nice try "Jessica"
  10. Must. Not. Click. Booby. Link. !