Inspired by @elliottfolds. This is also a completely serious list for me. I legitimately adore these. 1 book, 1 movie, 1 poem, 1 song, and 1 musical.
  1. The Giver
    This book really made a 13 year old Terry consider the wisdom and beauty of the elderly. As well as questioning what information may be withheld for societal reasons. This is also the book that made me realize that I enjoyed reading. I wish I had more time to do it.
  2. Big Fish
    HOLY MOTHER BIG FISH. This movie hit home for me in a really deep place that I didn't want to acknowledge existed. Movies about the dynamic between father and son destroy me. Those stories speak to my soul.
  3. Oh, the Places You'll Go!
    I know most of you probably classify this as a book, but I like to believe it's a long-form poem masquerading as a children's book. This poem constantly reminds me that there is a hope for the future, and it's never too late to accomplish what you want in life.
  4. "Glory" -Common and John Legend
    The message of this song speaks for itself. As a man of color in the United States, it resonated with me and also gives hope for the future. The fight is not yet over, but we continue to get closer.
  5. Parade
    Now. This last entry was a difficult one. This musical forced me to wrestle with the ideology of the South during a period when "the other" was lynched regularly. It felt incredibly relevant when I saw the production. It takes a look at the darker side of the human condition while simultaneously holding up a mirror to its audience, and for that, I have to put it on this list. It made me feel like I had to take action to change the world I live in. And that's why it's here on this list.
  6. p.s.
    Runners up for the musical are: Once, Falsettos, The Lion King, Into the Woods, Sweeney Todd, A Little Night Music, Hamilton, Ragtime, Cabaret, And The Secret Garden.