Just a collection of things that I've noticed
  1. When people don't let you introduce yourself
    Now. When I go to a restaurant, I like to know the name of the waiter so I can get their attention without the "hey you" or "YO excuse me". Let me get through my 7 seconds so I can tell you my name.
  2. When people won't let you do your job
    I understand that when you come to my restaurant you get free bread. Trust me. I know. But don't incessantly ask me about the free bread that I was about to get for you anyway. I have a system and when I do things out of order, it throws a wrench in that system.
  3. When asked "is everything good over here" your answer is anything but an appropriate response
    Like the above point, I have a system. And telling me you need a refill when I ask how your food is tasting shows me that you weren't listening to my question at all...
  4. Treating your waiter like a slave
    Listen. We already get paid slave wages to work at the restaurant, the last thing I need for my self esteem is for someone who chose to come out to eat is to treat me like a non-human.
  5. Not tipping appropriately
    Like the above point, I don't get paid hourly. The entirety of my income is based on tips. So when you run up a $200 tab and leave your waiter $10, they actually lose money. We also have to tip out other people. We all share the money earned that shift.