1. Finally changed that stuck halogen bulb.
    Bathroom overhead bulb. Died a month ago and so flush to the roof I could not get it to move. Took a hammer and pliers to it today. Victory is mine!
  2. Baked a fruit cake and the raisins didn't sink.
    Dusted the fruit in flour pre mixing in. Helped to create purchase. Victory is mine!
  3. Turned down a meeting about a project I didn't really like.
    In this town, in this job; easier said than done. Victory is mine.
  4. Lounging around Sunday afternoon and managed to turn off 'American Ninja Warrior'
    Seriously, have you tried? "I'll turn if off in a minute... just want to see how this guy does first." And the downward spiral continues. But after 3 hours I totally turned it off. So, victory is mine!!