This is every cellphone I've ever used. (Is cellphone one or two words?) This was on Pinterest, but this is a much better place for it.
  1. Motorola Talkabout T2282
    Had this in Spain...lotsa texting. They pronounced it "Tal-ka-boot".
  2. Nokia 5160
    First American cell phone. These things were so generic. But you remember the faceplates? I think I mighta put a silver one on.
  3. Nokia 8265
    Still remember when Nokia dominated? This was such a cool phone back in the antenna nub!
  4. Samsung E105
    The era of flip phones begins! (I'd never had one o' them fancy StarTACs.)
  5. Samsung E335
    Sounds like a BMW-Benz! Ooh, is this my first camera phone? I think it is! Who was the first person to think of putting a camera on a phone?
  6. Motorola RAZR v3c
    Before cases got big, mine was unique cause of the contrasting light aluminum battery door I got from the first one I had. But EVVVeryone had one of these.
  7. iPhone 3G
    This is when I got that mind control implant from Apple and became an extremely contented sheep.
  8. Samsung SGH-A177
    Had this for a week when my iPhone broke. Oh, the humanity!
  9. iPhone 4
    Phew, back home again.
  10. You get the idea...
    Every two years!