Crushing hard on these fine male specimens. You can't rank this much handsome just stare and enjoy.
  1. Joe Manganiello - that scruff, those muscles, and the greying beard gets me every time! Damn you Sofia Vergara!💃
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  2. Jeffrey Dean Morgan - his face is like a puppy and if you don't love puppies you can leave now.🐶
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  3. Idris Elba - he is so brooding I don't feel I could ever talk with him, but who needs to talk 😜
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  4. Charlie Hunnam - I'm sorry I lost track where am I? Sorry got distracted by those eyes while I was running my hand through his hair🤓
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  5. Lenny Kravitz - that smile always seems to say, let's get into trouble. You can trouble me any day Lenny😎
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