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Cards Against Humanity possible white cards
  1. A grief threesome with Gina and Blaine's hot mom?
While—like so many raindrops—my mind is bombarded with an infinite number of the most glorious feelings associated with such a ravishingly beautiful wife so as to drown a lesser man, I will wrestle off the shackles of fondest revelry, stave off insanity long enough to secure a few from the downpour and force them into something as paltry as a list❤
  1. That ass
    Probably shouldn't have put this one first as there are so many more intelligent, thoughtful, classy things that would perhaps come higher on a more sophisticated man's list, but the heart wants what it wants..and I want that ass
  2. Your compassion
    (A much more appropriate number one. Maybe one day I'll change it, but I digress...and also probably not). I've said this before, you are the most compassionate person I've ever met, except maybe our daughters, and it makes me so proud
  3. Your writing
    From style to content, word choice to voice, from the humorous to the downright dramatic, from the light and good-natured to the powerful, soul-wrenching, profoundly sad, your writing gives me all the feels and I'd count myself lucky any day of the week to stow away on your stream of consciousness
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Over the years, through the ups and downs, two things have always been present: Our love, and the soundtrack to our love. Below is my vain attempt to enumerate the songs that make me feel your love (here's looking at you, baby! @highmom)
  1. With You by Chris Brown
    This one has always made me think of you, and you of me. Definitely a strong start to the playlist
  2. Make You Feel My Love (cover) by Adele
    Ever since the first time we heard this we fell in love
  3. Miss Independent by Neo
    You make me proud 😘
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