these are the stories, adventures, shenanigans, and antics of the 3 little beasty babies. Beasty #1-Beasty Benny; his story began June 2011 Beasty #2 -Beasty Jacksy; his story began in December 2012 Beasty #3 -Beasty Abby; her story began in December 2015 The Beasties, along with their Mama & Daddy beasty make up the Anderson - beasty family <3
  1. May 20th 2016
    The most current picture of all three beasty babies. <3
  2. Beasty Benny randomly eating a cold hot dog and swinging in the baby swing
  3. Kids can sleep anywhere
    Beasty #2 fell asleep on the pile of blankets I threw on the side if my bed.
  4. Caught red handed
    When your kids steal your phone and take pics leaving evidence of their crime. Lol
  5. She beast Abigail
    She needs to stop growing... like right now. She's already the size of a 9 month old baby.
  6. Jackson shit on the floor in the bathroom this morning... I thought that was bad..... until benjamin tried to far and had a liquid shit explosion all over himself, the towel that was on the floor in the bathroom, and the floor. I had to bathe him after that one.... n wash all the poop out of the towel. Actually I had to wash puke out of it too