1. Project management.
    The longer I work, the more I am certain that this is, indeed, a superpower.
  2. Writing.
    I'm not the strongest editor, but I am a damn good writer.
  3. Singing.
    I love Broadway tunes and country ballads.
  4. Being a friend.
    I'd walk across fire for my friends and family.
  5. Laundry.
    It's my favorite chore to do!
  6. Trivia.
    I seem to know a little bit about A LOT of different topics.
  7. Drinking wine.
    Red, specifically.
  8. Making connections.
    It's even better when it helps people find new jobs! Love that.
  9. Diffusing tense situations.
    I try to be the voice of reason.
  10. Making enchiladas.
    They're kind of my speciality. I've shared my recipe with many and have always gotten rave reviews!
  11. Thinking positively.
    I really do believe people are good at heart.
  12. Shopping.
    Hmmmmm...this probably should have been #1.
  13. Being thoughtful.
    I love sending a card, buying a small gift, or just acknowledging life's little moments.
  14. Smiling.
    I just like to smile. Smiling's my favorite.
  15. Picking paint colors.
    Strange, but true. I've gotten almost every color right on the first try.