1. I'm super excited about this, especially because it almost didn't happen at all. They picked the other candidate. Luckily they didn't work out.
  2. It's been a year full of changes in responsibilities and leadership, but I think I ended up exactly where I belong.
  3. I have been identified as someone with leadership potential. When I told my boss I see myself in her job one day, she didn't bristle, she smiled and nodded enthusiastically.
  4. Because that's what women do for one another. Or should do. Be supportive of one another's goals!
  5. It's not easy. I've been challenged and tested many, many times. The expectations are high.
  6. But, so are the rewards. And the recognition. And best of all, there's the camaraderie of my team. They're second to none. I'm lookin' at you @doodler19!
  7. Yeah, I think I'll stick around here awhile 😊