1. Last night we went to a beautiful wedding 👰🏼
  2. The bride's mother died of cancer when she was very young.
  3. She decided to have the wedding at her father's home, because her grandmother is very elderly and lived next door.
  4. She wrote the bishop for a dispensation to have the wedding outside of the Catholic Church on these grounds.
  5. It was granted.
  6. Sadly, her grandmother passed 4 months before the wedding. Our dear friend was married without her mother or her grandmother by her side.
  7. She was emotional but joyful, as were we all.
  8. And it reminded me that everyone you meet is fighting a harder battle.
  9. So let's remember that next time we decide to judge someone or post something unkind on social media.
  10. And most of all, let's not take one moment with the ones we love for granted.