Requested by @doodler19
  1. Was super fun! Went to Lucky Strike Social for lunch and cocktails. Almost got a wristband to be part of another company's holiday party. Would have been funny. When in doubt, do it for the story!
  2. OK, so I just had one cocktail - needed to pick up M after :)
  3. Shared some appetizers with a colleague. Delish.
  4. Then we all went to see Office Christmas Party.
  5. 5 minutes into the movie my boss left and returned with bags of popcorn and ALL THE CANDY.
  6. Good news is I was too full to have any!
  7. The movie had us rolling on the floor laughing. At one point I had tears streaming down my face!
  8. It was an afternoon well spent with a great team!
  9. Oh, I even managed to return a few things at the mall afterward before I had to get home! Yay!