1. There's a large group of people part of some tour called America by Rail. They have official looking name tags and everything.
  2. The wifi is surprisingly good. I've actually gotten some work done.
  3. There are several Amish people in my car in traditional dress. Even the babies have dark cloaks and bonnets on.
  4. When did they start letting people off at stops to smoke?! We're an hour behind schedule, this seems wasteful.
  5. At one of the stops a woman got off to do some yoga poses. I was okay with that. I considered joining her but I'm alone and didn't want to abandon my belongings.
  6. A bottle of water cost $2.25. Eeeeek. Remember to pack more beverages next time.
  7. One of the attendants is a very sweet older gentleman named Lonnie. We chatted for awhile. We're friends now.
  8. I wish I had more snacks.