Things I'm thankful for

  1. My health.
    And that of my husband and daughter. I know far too many people struggling with health issues, including my own father. It's something I'm trying not to take for granted.
  2. My job.
    I hit the jackpot. My work is interesting, challenging, and rewarding.
  3. That the election is over.
    I know many people are worried. I am, too, but I've chosen to move forward and put it in God's hands. He's never steered me wrong before and I have no reason to believe He will now.
  4. The hope of a new addition.
    My husband and I would love to add to our family. I'm thankful we're able to do so and hopeful that the new year brings us a new baby to love.
  5. Friends and family.
    Without them nothing really matters, does it? At least not to me. They're my source of strength, and my aunts in particular are where I get my fiery personality from and I love it.