1. It's been a longggggg time. Too long. But our child is a bit on the wild side and I've been nervous about bringing her, even though our church is amazing and loves tiny humans.
  2. She did great! Yes, she spoke too loudly at times, asked for lots of snacks, and promptly announced ALL DONE after communion, but it was met with subtle laughter.
  3. People came up to us after and commented on how well behaved she was.
  4. Parenting win!
  5. We also prayed for our friends and neighbors whose beautiful newborn is in the NICU and starts sclerotherapy this week, followed by two years of chemo.
  6. The church community has been so supportive and I hope this one will be, too.
  7. We're all survivors of one thing or another, aren't we? 💞